Bradford lipsoN

director of photography

Brad Lipson has been in the film business for 30 years. He started his career in Denver, Colorado in 1979 where he learned not only electric and lighting, but all aspects of filmmaking. He started working for a gaffer who owned a lighting company and quickly worked his way up to Best Boy as the lighting company began to grow.

By the mid 1980’s Brad was gaffing movies of the week for Viacom, such as the “Perry Mason Returns” series. He and a partner then opened up their own production company and wrote, produced, shot and edited commercials and short film projects. In 1996 Brad moved to Los Angeles to live and work in the epicenter of the film industry. He entered the market as a Gaffer with the main VFX unit on the movie “Titanic” and has continued gaffing on numerous independent feature films, countless commercials and television projects such as “House”, “Without A Trace” and “The Office” to name a few.

Recently Brad began pursuing work as a Director of Photography. He shot a comedy series for Spike TV called “Factory” which enabled him to join Local 600. He then worked on the TV series “Ugly Betty” as the Chief Lighting Technician and Director of Photography for double-up days. In 2010 Brad was the gaffer on the Christian Slater series “The Forgotten”, and shot many days of principal photography throughout the run of the Jerry Bruckheimer production. Brad is currently the Director of Photography on the FX series “Wilfred”, a dark comedy directed by Randall Einhorn , starring Elijah Wood and Jason Gann, Executive Producer David Zuckerman.  During 2011 & 2012 Brad shot principal photography throughout the season for The CW Network show Hart of Dixie, and shot three entire episodes, and season 2 of Wilfred.   He is currently prepping Wilfred, season 3.

Brad was the recipient of  the 27th Annual  (2013) ASC award for outstanding achievement in cinematography in the half hour television category for the FX show Wilfred, episode “Truth”.

Brad was the recipient of the PAAFTJ Awards for best cinematography for a comedy series for 2011 season one of Wilfred.